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Quality written work is fundamental to your academic success. It needs to be well conceived, well organized and well verbalized. It needs to be thorough and resourceful. It needs to be cogent and polished. And it needs to be handed in on time. In every course, in every medium, you need to communicate in writing as effectively as possible to present your ideas and yourselves better than the next guy. BluePencil enables you to do that.

You are no doubt adept with all sorts of technology that allows you to communicate instantly with a limitless audience. That's not enough. We are the technology that allows you to communicate more skillfully to the audience that grades you – in school, and in life. Your most essential communication skill is still the composition of English, not IMing or Tweeting or Wall Posting, but rather the ability to write effective prose. Yet for most of us our writing skills lag far behind our electronic skills; indeed, they seem inversely related. As we rely more and more on technology to "communicate" with each other, in shorthand and text talk and blog blather, we neglect and atrophy the writing skills we actually need most to make ourselves understood and persuasive.

Many of us fall short when we need those skills the most – for that term paper due the next day or the class presentation that just isn't working or the university application essay or scholarship application essay that lacks the voice and polish that we know it needs to illuminate us. BluePencil, right away, provides expert and accessible assistance to help you get it done, to make what you wrote better now and to show you how to do it better the next time.

BluePencil is not just about better grades – it's about better writing. It's about fully accessing the online technology and human resources that are available to you to enhance your writing. It's about commanding language and marshaling words to enable you to fully express yourself, not just identify yourself, and to cogently impart information, not just disseminate it. It is about maximizing a skill set which will reward you now and forever.

Our Commitment To Ethical Tutoring

BluePencil adheres to ethical tutoring practices. Unlike some other services, we do not locate or write papers for students; we do not fill in for students. We help you grow as a student and advance your writing skills through instruction on drafts of your own written work so that you can write your own first-rate papers. We help you become more self-sufficient and successful in all your written work. We are committed to instruction that students find helpful in the short term, for the assignment at hand, and beneficial in the long term for their future writing endeavors, while not compromising your standards, our standards or what the academic community expects from a responsible online tutoring service.