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Why License BluePencil Technology

It is evident all around us -- with the proliferation of college level MOOC's, the popularity of Khan Academy and the abundance of new courses offered online every day -- that online education has been broadly accepted by the public; but in the more than $5 billion a year tutoring industry, there is still very little in the way of effective online tutoring to meet the public demand for extra academic help. A BluePencil license enables the many high quality tutoring providers who presently have little or no online presence to meet this need by incorporating into their offering the most convenient, efficient, effective, interactive, specialized and personalized format for online tutoring in the market today.

We believe in particular that the most underserved need in the online tutoring market is in providing students assistance with their writing skills and written work. There is a growing recognition in the academic community that a great many high school and college students are not developing adequate writing skills. As students rely more and more on the various technologies for communicating in shorthand -- whether by texting, emailing, IM’ing or Tweeting -- their writing proficiency often correlates inversely to their electronic proficiency. The English language becomes an increasingly blunt instrument for them, and they find themselves unable to write at the level expected of them as they advance academically and professionally. Accordingly, as the number of writing assignments increases at high schools and particularly at colleges, many tutoring requests are for assistance with written work on short notice and require considerable instruction.

However, conventional tutoring sessions are scheduled for the most part only once a week and often not when the student most needs assistance. On a one-on-one, face- to-face basis tutors are obviously limited in the number of students they can instruct in writing and the extent to which they can do so, and they may not always have the breadth of expertise in the subject matters of the various papers assigned to their students to provide the optimal level of assistance on each occasion. This is particularly so at the undergraduate level, where students are rarely receiving the tutoring they need. And, of course, providing comprehensive one-on-one writing assistance through conventional face- to-face tutoring can be prohibitively expensive or impossible if the student is not located near your firm’s instructor during his time of need.

Still, few, if any, online sites offer any real alternative to conventional tutoring for helping students with their writing assignments. Most online tutoring is geared to math and the sciences, and they are typically not equipped to adequately instruct in the humanities, where the process of review and evaluation of the student's written work is essential. While a handful of online sites have made modest and awkward attempts to assist students with their composition and research skills through such methods better geared towards math and science, none has done so on an accessibly, high-quality, efficient and immediate basis, and none has engaged in the process with a fully interactive facility that would most appeal to the modern student and effectively manage the administrative burdens that would come with processing such requests and remitting the instruction.

BluePencil fills in this gap in tutoring coverage by enabling tutoring firms to make their expert instructors available to students who need help with their written work at whatever time and in whatever place they need it, no matter where the instructor is based. Your students can remain engaged with your tutors while on vacations and even when they move away to college and potentially graduate school. Our system is designed so that no student can simply “send away” for content. It is crafted to ensure that students submit their own work on which instructors can efficiently and effectively provide suggestions and explanations keyed to the student's own outlines and drafts for enhancing the student's own writing skills.

Our system completes the package of resources that a full service first-rate tutoring provider must have in order to be competitive and maximize its results.