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All fees for our services are due in full upon ordering the service. The fee for each service offered is specified on the website page describing that service. All payments are by credit card. (for payment procedure see "How To Use BluePencil"). Any member who makes payment in an amount that differs from the charges posted on the website will have the correct charge debited from his or her credit card account.

BluePencil Refund Policy

BluePencil engages highly credentialed editors to perform all of its services, and all of their "bluepenciled" work is subject to a quality control review by a staff of senior editors before the work is delivered to our members.

Nevertheless, any BluePencil member who is dissatisfied with any service will promptly be refunded the fee paid for that service, half in the form of cash and half in the form of a credit towards future BluePencil services, provided that (i) within 5 hours of receiving the unsatisfactory "bluepenciled" work the member reports by email to BluePencil, at [email protected], that the member is dissatisfied with the work and requests a refund; (ii) upon requesting the refund the member briefly states the basis for his or her dissatisfaction and represents that he or she has not used the bluepenciled work for any purpose and will not do so, either directly or indirectly; and (iii) the member has not previously received a refund for prior services. If the member has received a prior refund, the member may still receive a refund if (a) he or she complies with clauses (i) and (ii) above, and (b) the bluepenciled work was either delivered to the member after the stipulated turnaround time or is determined by management not to satisfy BluePencil's standards.


BluePencil respects that those using our service may wish to do so confidentially. Members participate within the website on a non-disclosed basis. The identities of our members are accessible only to the site manager and are not disclosed to third parties. The identities and other personal information about our members are not disclosed to the editors working with them or to any other BluePencil members. Members are not matched with any editor who may be within their own academic community. All participation on our Sounding Board is likewise on a non-disclosed basis.

Intellectual Property

BluePencil fully understands the proprietary interest that all of our members have in their written work. BluePencil and our editors renounce any and all ownership interest in the written work submitted by our members and in the bluepenciled work returned to them. BluePencil makes no use of any work submitted to us other than as part of the process of reviewing and editing the work for the benefit of our members.

Inappropriate Use

BluePencil reserves the right to refuse or reroute to the correct service any submission by any member, which, in the sole discretion of BluePencil, is not appropriate for the service engaged. BluePencil reserves the right to reject any posting to the Sounding Board which, in the sole discretion of BluePencil, is not made in good faith, uses inappropriate language, is libelous or unduly disrespectful of third parties or is otherwise inconsistent with the purposes of providing this service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BluePencil does not assume responsibility for the content of any postings and does not police postings on the site for the benefit of third parties.