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How To Save and Make Money

BluePencil understands that most students work with a limited budget. We are premised on the idea that students with a limited budget should not be disadvantaged in receiving help with their course work. In a highly competitive academic environment where many tutors are charging exorbitant fees to provide such help, where students and their parents are under undue pressure to pay the prevailing fees, and where the help then provided is often substandard and disappointing, BluePencil is designed to level the playing field and enable all students to obtain truly useful assistance at an affordable cost.

    Still, even at our affordable rates, it is always good to pay even less. There are a variety of discounts, promotions and other cost-saving measures at BluePencil that you can use to your advantage:
  • Qualifying Reply – Save 10% on Editor Responses

    Those members who post a Qualifying Reply to inquiries or written work posted by other members on our Sounding Board receive a 10% discount towards an Editor's Response to their own Sounding Board posts (See “Community Resources”). A Qualifying Reply is a Member reply to a Sounding Board post that is made in good faith and is not less than 150 words.

  • The BluePencil Credit Exchange

    BluePencil will award credits for our services at various of our promotional events. BluePencil members can also purchase credits at discounted conversion rates (e.g., $1 for $1.15 BPE Credit) to use towards BluePencil services at any time in the future. Keep an eye on our Credit Exchange Rate and look for postings from time to time on the "Your News" board and the "Community News" board to see more discount offerings.

  • Promotion Events

    BluePencil will host promotions at various colleges and other venues, which are an opportunity to "celebrate" your improved grades with BluePencil and to take advantage of discounts offered at those events. Notices of these events will be posted on our news boards, where members can find out what BluePencil is doing at your particular campus or other locale.

  • Subject Discounts

    BluePencil will run discounts from time-to-time for course work in particular subjects. Look for notices on the news boards.

  • Essay Contests

    BluePencil will offer members opportunities from time to time not only to save money, through discounts and promotions, but also to make money, through participation in essay contests and other events rewarding members for their best written work. Look for announcements of these contests on our website news boards.

We hope that these and other measures make BluePencil as accessible and affordable as possible and will enable every student to engage our writing instructors. Ultimately, the real money you save with BluePencil will be the money you earn from using BluePencil, as it’s reflected in your grades, careers and opportunities that are enhanced by better writing.