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This feature enables a student who needs assistance with a writing assignment, at any time of day or night, to engage online a tutor at your firm who has the expertise to lend a hand. The site (a) automatically matches the student with an available tutor who is best suited to assist him or her and (b) manages the workflow of the tutoring process between the student and tutor from initial contact and student questions to the tutor remitting the instructional feedback.

The modern student wants high quality interactive help that suits his or her schedule (no matter how short the notice), and this feature makes that possible for any type of written work.


Our networking features enable all of your students to interact online with each other through discussion boards and other interactive tools that allow them to (a) comment on each other's written work, (b) pose and answer questions regarding their writing or other courses in any subject, (c) share information and advice about academic and other matters of common interest to students generally or to students in their particular school or community and (d) exchange used textbooks, course outlines, notes and other course materials. You can also run various essay, poetry and other kinds of academic contests and reward students for their best work.

These features add a social networking component to your firm’s services by enabling your students to connect with each other to obtain advice or information from their peers that is more pointed and personal than if gathered in open-ended forums. What better place for students to get guidance on the matters that most concern them than from other current and former students of your firm who are sharing or have shared a similar experience? There are even options for instructors to chime in as well.


These features enable students to (a) receive lecture video content online for "standardized" tutoring -- in a "course" format -- on commonly encountered academic issues, either in lieu of or to supplement personalized online or face-to-face instruction, (b) engage in testing and written "homework" assigned by the tutor in connection with those lecture videos or traditional live tutoring sessions and (c) engage a digital version of any instructional books or materials your firm uses that can at your request include interactive assignments (which can be used in instead of or in conjunction with video lectures).


This feature enables students to schedule online video chat and traditional face-to-face tutoring sessions whenever they might need it most. The site (a) automatically processes the student request for assistance and payment, (b) matches them with an instructor at your firm who has the expertise to assist them and is available at their location and (c) tracks the progress of the tutoring session to ensure its successful and timely completion.

This feature makes your services more accessible for students to request and serves to relieve your firm of the administrative burden and cost of manually ushering through such appointments and monitoring instructor quality. This feature simply “keeps you in the loop” as the student-tutor interaction naturally initiates and unfolds.