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Opening a Member Account

You can start using BluePencil immediately upon opening a BluePencil Editing Member Account. You can do that through the vertical toolbar on the left side of the webpage. Just click "Register," and a short form will appear which will prompt you for some information so that we can instantly generate your Member Account.

Once you've taken those simple steps to open an account, you are a BluePencil member! Your membership immediately enables you to submit your work for any of our services without the delay of your having to supply your general academic information and preferred payment information with each submission. Instead, each time you want our help we can direct your work right away to the instructor best suited to help you.

Submitting Your Written Work to a BluePencil Editor

Example –

Suppose you wish to work with one of our instructors on a five-page draft of a college paper in American History on the subject of "The Fall of Richard Nixon," which you need back from us in 48 hours. You would do the following:

  1. Select the "Draft Review" service from the vertical toolbar on the webpage. The "New Draft Submission" form will appear and will prompt you to record certain information about the paper so that we can direct it to an instructor with the relevant expertise to assist you.
  2. Select on the form the subject field "US History" and the subfield "Eisenhower – Clinton Domestic Policy (for the relevant time period of Nixon's presidency).
  3. Fill in the form's "subject" section with the paper's title ("The Fall of Richard Nixon") or any other short unique identifier.
  4. Select the turnaround time you need (in this case, 48 hours).
  5. Click the "Choose file" button and upload your paper from your computer's files. Now it's attached to the form.
  6. Record the page count in the page count text field (in this case, 5 pages).
  7. In the field below the page count specify the assignment to which the paper responds (i.e, the "prompt") and any questions, concerns or instructions you may want the instructor to consider.
  8. Click "Submit." That brings you to the receipt page, where you confirm your order – your credit card linked to your account will be paid the amount displayed in the blue bubble on the screen.

We're on it from here!

You would follow this same procedure for an Outline Review and an Answer to Question, with the exception that there is no file uploading (Step #5) for these services. Here, the content is pasted or written directly into the order form's text field. Also, for an Answer to Question, Admission Essay Review and Editor’s Response there is no surcharge for an expedited turnaround time – you always receive your Answer within 30 hours or less (there is no need to input the turnaround time otherwise required in Step #4).

Using the Sounding Board

To access our Sounding Board for peer-to-peer exchanges click the “Community” button on the vertical navigation bar on your left (the button appears under your name).

Make a Post

To make a post you may click onto "New Post" on the Sounding Board itself or “Sounding Board Post” on the virtual toolbar, either way you will reach the New Sounding Board Post” form. As with the procedure outlined above, in “Submitting Your Written Work to a BluePencil Editor,” you would then follow the prompts on the form for the subject field and subfield of your posting and its title or other short identifier. The form will then also provide you with the option of uploading your document or posting it directly onto the Sounding Board. Either way, you may also submit in the text field of the form any question you may have, and you may highlight anything in particular on which you would like your peers to comment. Once you submit the form and confirm your order on the receipt page, your posting is immediately available for replies from student members of the BluePencil community.

Reply to a Post

To reply to a post, click any of the posts listed on the Sounding Board. You will then arrive within the posting thread you selected. Beneath the posting there is a text field for responses – fill in the text field and click reply. Now your reply will appear within the thread. You may continue to post replies after someone else has likewise replied to the post.

If you have any questions as to how to open a BluePencil account or how to access any of our services, please contact us at [email protected]

Remitting Payment

Payment for our services is by credit card. Your credit card information should be recorded where indicated when you open your BluePencil account. Thereafter, you do not need to enter any credit card information when using our services.

If you did not enter your card information upon opening your account, click your name on the horizontal toolbar and select “account settings;” then click “add payment method,” and you will arrive at a web page allowing you to add your credit card information to your Member Account file. Once you click “save” your information has been successfully added.

All fees for our services are due in full open ordering a service. Each time you use BluePencil payment for the service you select will be automatically charged to your credit card in accordance with the Payment Schedule for each service set forth in "Our Services" website section.

BluePencil has a very liberal refund policy for any user who is dissatisfied with the service. Please check for the details of that policy set forth in the website under "Terms of Usage and Policies."

BluePencil also offers various discounts and credits for our services. Please refer to our "Save Money" section on the website for that information.

Payment Method

This information should be recorded along with your general academic information when you open a BluePencil account. Credit card payment is the method through which members pay for BluePencil services. You do not need to enter your credit card when placing each order – when you place a submission our website automatically debits the credit card you have linked to your Member Account for that service.


Although you can buy credits on the site, you do NOT NEED to purchase them to place an order – if you do not have any BluePencil credits, the site will debit your Member Account’s credit card for the services you engage. If you have BluePencil credits (see "How to Save and Make Money"), you may choose to apply your credits to any service that you order. You will be prompted with this choice on the submission confirmation page after completing and submitting your "New" submission form.