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How To Become A Licensee


If you wish to become a BluePencil licensee, please write us using the email form on our Contact Us page or by clicking here. We will return your email with answers to any questions you might have and set up an appointment so we can talk with you about what functionality and services you wish to obtain through incorporating our online platform. We can then advise you on which of our technologies would help you achieve your goals!


Following an initial consultation, we will review your objectives, current services and the specific market in which your business operates with regard to industry and location and demonstrate for you in a custom proposal the ways in which a BluePencil license can help you achieve the superior results you desire. This proposal will use market research, industry trends and any performance information you supply confidentially to our firm to counsel you with a blend of data-driven and empirical analysis on the advisability of adopting the technologies in which you have expressed an interest and others that your market position suggests you should strongly consider. Our proposal will also lay out the pricing of the BluePencil platforms outlined as they would pertain to your firm.


If you find our proposal persuasive and decide a BluePencil license is for you, we will send you the paper work for a licensing agreement that would allow you to readily integrate our technologies into your website and immediately begin offering your new features to your students under your own brand name. We also from that point offer our continued support services to track the results of your new offerings so you can evaluate your student response and make any adjustments that could further enhance your firm’s service or bottomline.