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This unique service brings together all members of the BluePencil community and allows you, at NO CHARGE, to anonymously share your writing, ask any questions, or brainstorm with your student peers to obtain their feedback.

Put your writing out there and benefit from all kinds of responses. See what other students think about your paper before you submit it. See if they've written on the subject themselves. See if they have a good answer to a question about your topic.

You can also review what other students are writing. Reply to their posts if you wish, or just learn from what they have written. See how your writing stacks up against theirs.


Posting: FREE

Replies: FREE

There is no word or page limit for postings. Replies to postings are limited to 250 words. Follow-up replies are limited to 50 words. You may not make successive replies to a posting; you must wait for a reply from another member before replying again.

GET REWARDS: Any student submitting a "Qualifying Reply" to a Sounding Board post receives a credit towards future Editing Services (See "Save Money" )


Our Peer-to-Peer Sounding Board also offers a fee-based option that allows you to obtain a response to your post from a BluePencil expert in addition to the free exchanges with your student peers. An Editor's Response assures you the benefit of expert feedback on your Sounding Board posting. And it gives you the option of obtaining input from an instructor at a lower cost than our more comprehensive Draft Review service – perfect if you do not require the line-by-line critique provided by that service.

Editor's Response to a Draft Posting

You can post a draft of your writing and receive an Editor's Response consisting of approximately 250 words, which will be a commentary and evaluation by one of our instructors similar to the “End Note” that you would receive as part of our Draft Review service. Draft postings for this purpose are limited to 5 pages (whereas there is no page limitation on Sounding Board drafts directed only to your peers when you do not elect to have an Editor's Response).

Editor's Response to a Question(s)

You can also receive an Editor's Response to a particular question you post on Sounding Board, similar to what you would receive in our Answers to Questions service. (See "Answers to Questions" ). Postings of questions for an Editor's Response on Sounding Board are limited to 100 words (whereas there is no word limitation on Sounding Board questions directed only to your peers when you do not elect to have an Editor's Response).

This option is only available AFTER you have posted to the Sounding Board.


Editor's Response to a Draft – $29 (eligible up to 5 pages)

Editor's Response to a Question – $7 (eligible up to 100 words)

Turnaround time: 30 hours or less.

This Editor's Response service is available only for students who have already posted their draft or their question on Sounding Board.