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About Our Licenses

Our education technology licenses are designed for established educators and tutoring firms in either the private or public sector that wish to incorporate an online platform to complement or expand the reach of their services. We work with you to transpose your unique style of instruction to online formats that retain the quality and character that is essential to your services while improving administrative efficiencies and positioning you to provide a range of additional services that students like yours demand. Our licenses help you drive superior results with your students -- and improve your firm’s bottomline.

Our technology licenses include (i) unique matching and work-flow systems to schedule, process and remit a range of online and in-person tutoring services, (ii) forums for teaching fully interactive video courses, (iii) venues for student-to-student peer review and homework help, (iv) mechanisms for fielding any specific questions students may have from time-to-time and (v) many more inventive educational tools. Much of our technology can be accessed here on the BluePencil site, which we presently operate as a beta test site to further improve and diversify our features, and we can supply you with a demonstration of any of our other technologies upon request. See more details about our offerings here.

Our licenses are available to education firms of any size and enable you to readily integrate our online technologies into your website and offer them to your students under you own brand name. You can immediately reap the benefits of the technologies that took us several years to develop and test to achieve uniform student satisfaction without having to undertake any kind of substantial technological effort on your own.

We believe that incorporating our various capabilities into your instructional services can not only enhance your services and add new product lines and revenue, but it is also a crucial safeguard against losing market share to more comprehensive or modern tutoring providers. Our licenses keep your firm on the cutting edge of modern educational services.

For more information or to ask any questions about BluePencil Editing or how to set up a partnership with us for your for-profit or non-profit educational venture, we invite you to write us using the email form on our contact us page or by clicking here.

BluePencil is proud to have in our Support Circle prominent members of the academic, online and professional communities who endorse, assist and advise us. Among them are: